Our Gel Pads reduce vibration and make for a smoother ride. It will not leak, and is nontoxic. Seating is forever changed by this portable, cool (temperature) gel pad. The memory gel pad is a unique blend of 3 different layers.

The memory foam is unique because many competitor pads can leave your backside uncomfortably warm, giving our motorcycle seating the edge. The memory foam in the gel pad allows for maximum air flow, keeping your rear cool and comfortable. The memory foam also conforms to the shape of of your sitting end, "Remembering your impression".

The next layer in our seating is the medical grade Gel. The medical gel we use is also used in wheel chair cushions, and is proven to reduce your sitting pressure. Long trips with sore butts are a thing of the past when utilizing our seats.

The last layer involves the slip factor that many other competitor seats suffer from. We utilize no-slip lycra covers that keep the seat securely in place as you ride. You can maneuver around on your seat cushion all you want, but the bottom of it isn't going anywhere.

When you see one of our gel pad motorcycle seats, you'll only see the exterior black lycra cover, but your backside will benefit from what's inside the pad! You can even heat or cool your pad depending on the weather, to give yourself a nice cozy ride any time of year. Most people don't think about what is put into developing a quality motorcycle seat, so we like to keep them informed about what's keeping their backsides so comfortable.